Orgonite Meditation Stones

Orgone Energy represents protective universal energy introduced by Dr. Wilhelm Reich. Our Orgone Necklace is made based on his research findings. It gives emf protection, draws in negative energy and transmuting into positive energy. As a result,using these orgone products can be beneficial for everyone.  

Why this crystal pendant only made for you! Let’s look into the Healing Properties-

►SELF EMPOWERMENT- 7 chakra stone Orgone Pendant can aid to increase self-regeneration, confidence and empower yourself.

►CHAKRA BALANCING- Natural Orgone Crystals with metal copper creates vibration energy and strengthens the body’s all energy channels to balance with clear blocks of Chakra.

►EMF RADIATION PROTECTION- Orgonite Pendants blocks EMF radiation and protects you from harmful radiation emitted from your electronic devices.

►NEGATIVITY SHIELD- Natural orgone crystal stones have powerful metaphysical properties that will help you to protect all kinds of surrounding negativity.

►PROCRASTINATION CURE- Our Orgone Crystal Pendant makes you active and charms you to do things that immediately happen with success.

►ANXIETY RELIEF - Orgone necklace can release vibration energy that helps balance excessive anger or fear, and emotional, physical or verbal abuse.

All of our Orgone Pendants are made on the basis of Wilhelm Reich Theory & we aren't promoting this Orgone Necklace for any kind of medical purpose & religious belief.